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Dennis Sobey | Founder DBS Associates

Why We
are Different.

We recognise there are a number of different ways that you can choose to develop your sales staff. With everything from distance learning to 'salesman in a day' type courses it can be difficult to decide which is the best value and the best way of achieving your goals.

Over thirty years DBS Associates has developed a training model which is thorough, practical and effective – there are three aspects of our model which set us apart and enable to deliver exactly what you need

1. Filmed Role Plays

At the heart of our courses are the role plays. We believe that unless a delegate can actually see their inter-personal skills in action - both good and bad - then learning is too general and the message doesn't go home. We are one of the very few companies to still offer this level of participation.

2. Residential

If the role plays are important, then preparing them properly is vital. All role plays are tailored both to your company and industry needs.  In order to make them effective, preparation time is needed.  We believe this can only be done if all the delegates can remain on site; which is why our courses are always held at designated hotels, conveniently located for a nationwide sales-force or near to your own offices.

3. Transferable Skills

Time and again our customer testimonials include the message that delegates are able to put into practice what they have learned with immediate positive effect on their performance. It's only through thirty years' experience that we are able to put together courses that do this.