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International Accounts Director, BPR Medical. January 2015

The Sales Management Course is designed to help the executive make an immediate impact. It will enable him or her to quickly assess the current position of the sales team, to rapidly enhance existing management skills, to quickly understand the essential responsibilities and tasks of a sales manager and to begin to practise those skills.

Delegates will learn how to plan and control sales activity efficiently for maximum sales growth; acquire new skills in leadership and motivation; discover how to gain and maintain the commitment of the sales team; learn and practise the techniques and skills essential to recruit, train and evaluate in order to realise the full potential of both individuals and the team. In addition, they will develop a practical and effective action plan aimed at increasing business performance through more effective management of the sales function.

Course methods feature presentations, discussions, case studies, syndicate work, role plays filmed on DVD. The course is highly participative and focuses on the executive’s own particular needs or concerns. This programme runs three times a year as a public course but can be tailored to meet specific in-company requirements.