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The Programme

Speaking to groups and large audiences is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish with distinction. Yet it is one of the most effective means of getting your message across. Audiences need to be captivated, conquered, persuaded and convinced. This ‘step-by-step’ programme is designed to teach executives to do just that. Participants usually come with a pre-prepared presentation. This is filmed early in the course and analysed. The presentation and the analysis provide the basis of a very focused course, matched to the needs of each participant. The results are awesome!

The Programme Objectives

The course concentrates on developing technique and proficiency in all areas of verbal communication and presentation techniques. Participants will be taught how to communicate ideas, facts and information in an accurate, concise and logical form. They will practise how to deliver the message with authority, enthusiasm and style. Confidence and composure will be instilled in all those who take part in this fully participative programme.

The Benefits of Improved Skills Training

Those who attend will acquire the knowledge and skill to make highly effective business presentations. Nerves will be overcome, audiences captivated and the message delivered with confidence and greater self-assurance than before. Delegates will be able to present a more effective business case, thereby improving their chances of success and winning more pitches.

The Programme Content

The programme content is as follows:

  • practical presentations
  • identifying the participant’s existing weaknesses
  • preparing the presentation
  • design and structure of the presentation
  • verbal and non-verbal communication
  • use of visuals for impact
  • stage management
  • conquering nerves
  • rehearsal
  • ensuring delivery with impact
  • self-improvement techniques for the future

This programme can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of a team or individuals within a company. It can help a senior executive improve skills for those top-level events and conferences. It can be of enormous value to the salesperson making regular presentations to customers. The course can be tailored to meet your very specific needs.