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Had a great meeting with a new client yesterday. Yes, I admit I found myself turbo-wheelbarrowing but I spotted it and held back. I found out lots of info, got far more than I expected and have a fantastic business lead from it.

Rockwell Automation

Sales Skills Development Courses

The Sales Skills Development course will bring a new urgency and momentum to the Sales Professional’s approach to sales. The programme presents a structured review of the essential techniques and skills. Participants are engaged in a highly interactive series of exercises, video role plays and case studies. The methods are ‘leading edge’ and the analysis clear and practical. read more »

Sales Management Courses

The Sales Management course is designed to help the executive make an immediate impact. It will enable him or her to quickly assess the current position of the sales team, to rapidly enhance existing management skills, to quickly understand the essential responsibilities and tasks of a Sales Manager and to begin to practise those skills. Business Presentation Skills. read more »

Negotiation Skills

For the senior executive, senior sales person or key accounts executive, this programme is about negotiating successfully at all levels. It examines the key strategies and tactics that the skilled negotiator needs to employ to minimise concessions, to be tough without being aggressive, and be able to secure the best possible deal for his or her organisation. read more »

In-Company Solutions

90% of DBS Associates’ work is ‘tailored’ to the precise needs of individual clients. An example would be at the end of July 2014 – a three day programme addressing: Sales (refresher with ‘tailored’ DVD role play), Assertiveness and Negotiation Skills for ABB Robotics. read more »

Open Courses

DBS Associates have successfully run a range of open programmes over the years that are primarily designed to enhance customer-facing relationships. Open programmes are successful because they bring together a mix of individuals from differing sectors whose common aim is to improve their skills in the chosen subjects. The delegates who attend learn as much from one another as from the course content. They share experiences and build on one another’s strengths. read more »