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I'd like to thank you again for last week, I really did take a lot from the course and it will definitely have a positive effect on my sales focus going forward.

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The Programme

The course enables delegates to negotiate effectively with experienced buyers or other important decision makers in a collaborative, non-confrontational way. The role of the negotiator in resolving conflicts of interest is reviewed, demonstrating different styles which relate to the importance of the issues and relationships in each scenario. Each stage of the negotiation process is explored.

The individuals involved will primarily ‘learn by doing’; techniques are practised through exercise and case study role-play. These involve a high level of participation and individual attention. Delegates are able to practise and sharpen their skills, are shown how to avoid traps, how to probe discreetly for the resistance point and how to win without making expensive concessions.

The Benefits of Improved Skills Training

  • New awareness of negotiation skills and improved confidence for participants
  • Insight into how to be an alert and effective negotiator with a more complete understanding of the process and its subtleties
  • An opportunity to review existing skills and acquire new ones

The Programme Content

  • persuasion and negotiation
  • negotiating styles
  • planning and preparation
  • power within negotiation
  • strategy and variables