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Dennis Sobey | Founder DBS Associates

About DBS Associates.

DBS Associates has established itself as the training provider of choice for companies and individuals wanting to improve their performance through sales, negotiation, presentation and other customer facing skills.

Established in 1985, DBS Associates has developed sales teams and sales managers with an approach that is based on the belief that only those with a deep understanding of their subject, together with practical experience in the field, are equipped to provide the quality of training needed to compete successfully in today’s testing conditions. DBS’s very individual approach to training is based on such an understanding. It combines an unusually high degree of customisation with methods that are totally results oriented. For you, it means a more focused programme, clear, achievable goals and a faster payback.

As businesses change, become leaner and more aware of the need to maximise everyone’s skill set, then the vast experience that we have in training the traditional sales force is increasingly being used to develop senior executives who have to persuade/convince other board members and, of course, shareholders that they are delivering to the best of the company’s ability.

The DBS difference lies in understanding the market place in which you operate, enabling us, together, to produce a programme uniquely tailored to your business and individual needs.

Our strengths are in our abilities to understand the business issues that drive key decision makers. Our techniques are practical and interactive, whether it be coaching a CEO for a critical presentation, or working with a group of sales managers in order for them to enhance their sales team’s performance. At all levels, we can improve skills which have an impact on the bottom line.